Petals Florist

Hey there and welcome to Petals. I'm James and I took over the shop from my family in 2012. I like to think that floristry is in my DNA, I spent a lot of time around flowers in the shop with my parents when I was growing up, though at that age I was maybe a tad more interested in catching Pokemon on my Game Boy! Since taking over, I've very much learned on the job from day one and I'm super proud of the style I've found and the work we've produced here in the years since I've been on the scene.

Those who know me will attest that you'll usually find me enaged in lenghty chats with customers in the shop. There's nothing I love more than talking flowers, I'm always totally fascinated with peoples favourite blooms. I'm incredibly passionate about every aspect of my work here (except for paperwork...) and I take a great deal of pride in my attention to detail and our mission for an exceptional service experience for everyone without exception.

Outside of my work here at Petals, I love hanging out with our shop dog, Frank the Miniature Schnauzer! I also love playing tennis, watching movies and playing video games.

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